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At Peninsula Podiatry we carry foot care products that support the proper care and protection of your feet.

Orthotics: VASYLI

With heat-moldable and non-heat moldable options, VASYLI produces orthotics that are effective and affordable.

  • VASYLI Medical Custom Orthotics - These heat-moldable orthotics help improve biomechanical control and come in various densities and styles to accommodate different activity levels and weights.

  • VASYLI Medical Signature Series - When you need something beyond general orthotics, look no further. Designed to help with specific biomechanical issues (sensitive feet, supination control…), this series is the end result of a powerful collaboration between VASYLI and Think Tank.

  • VASYLI Medical Orthotic Additions - These other types of products such as wedges and heel raises, are also available to help with specific foot problems.

  • Vionic Shoes - Innovative, supportive and made from top of the line materials.

Molding Foot— Podiatry products in Woy Woy, NSW


Podiatrists Own Heel Balm

The ingredients in this unique heel balm treat dry and cracked feet by restoring adequate moisture. The non-greasy formula protects your skin by maintaining its natural moisture which will make your skin look healthier in just three days. It can even be used on hands and elbows.

Restorative Foot Balm

This balm was created by podiatrists looking to eradicate tough and dry skin, as well as cracked heels.

It can be used daily to maintain the optimum health of your feet but it's especially effective in treating dry feet as it provides much-needed moisture.

This cream can even help prevent the fungus from spreading.
Foot Cream — Podiatry products in Woy Woy, NSW



With the goal of developing beautiful, high-quality shoes Revere has become known for stylish shoes to match any season and event. It has grown quite a bit since its foundation in 2012 but it has not strayed from its initial commitment to creating quality, orthotics friendly shoes. The unique designs and styles of this brand’s orthopedic shoes stand out above other brands. Yet the emphasis on aesthetics has not distracted them from the need to provide comfortable shoes, made using proven technology and premium materials. You don’t have to trade in style for support. You can have it all!
Shoemaker — Podiatry products in Woy Woy, NSW

This footwear is known for its durable structure, support and comfort. Perfect for walking, working and just going about the daily activities of your life. Propet offers a variety of shoes to meet various health concerns and lifestyles, all with the goals of improving mobility and relieving lower body pain.

Propet has:
  • Wide shoes
  • Slip resistant rated work shoes
  • Shoes designed to address specific conditions
  • Walking shoes (great for travelling!)
All these products are available through Peninsula Podiatry. Book an appointment with Peninsula Podiatry today! You can reach us by phone or email:
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